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CIMC Delivered the First Batch of 4 Smart Cages and Yantai Fishery's "Hundred-Cage Plan" Achieved a Major Progress


Recently, the "Jinghai No. 004" smart cage built by CIMC Raffles under CIMC for Yantai Jinghai Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinghai Fishery) has been delivered in the sea area of Nanhuangcheng, Yantai.

By now, the first batch of 4 cages, i.e. "Jinghai Nos. 001-004", included in Jinghai Fishery's "Hundred-Cage Plan" have been successfully assembled and settled on Nanhuangcheng Island, Yantai. This also means that one of the representative works of CIMC Offshore's "application of offshore engineering unit technology to fishery", that is, the "Hundred-Cage Plan" in cooperation with Yantai, has made significant progresses.

Delivery schedule: Jinghai 001 and Jinghai 002 were delivered in the Nanhuangcheng waters in June 2021. Jinghai 003 was delivered in the Nanhuangcheng waters in August 2021. Recently, Jinghai 004 was successfully delivered. The above marks the achievement of the phased goal of the "Hundred-Cage Plan". Huge smart cages are settled in the Nanhuangcheng waters. They look like "castles in the sea" and safeguard the "blue granaries".

The construction of marine ranching is an important means to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional fishery to modern fishery. The "Hundred-Cage Plan" is an important measure for Yantai to govern the oceans and build itself into a major city with strong marine economy. Parties involved in the cooperation aim to drive the construction of "thousand and even ten thousand cages" through the "Hundred-Cage Plan", so as to trigger a trillion-scale marine economic industrial chain.

It is reported that in 2020, Yantai launched the "Hundred-Cage Plan". In the same year, Yantai Jinghai Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. ("Jinghai Fishery" for short), the first strategic cooperation project of CIMC Offshore Northern Headquarters, which was jointly built by CIMC and Yantai, was established to fully implement the "Hundred-Cage Plan". It is estimated that 10-15 smart cages will be put into use in 2023 according to the "Hundred-Cage Plan".

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